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Our software tool SmartSim for gas quality tracking enables gas grid operators selective invoicing of customers when different gas qualities (natural gas, biogas, hydrogen) are injected into the grid. SmartSim is already used successfully by more than 30 gas network operators worldwide.

The software GasCalc allows precise prediction of all relevant natural gas properties.

We would be pleased to make our technical know-how available to you.

SmartSim GmbH was founded 2018 as a spin-off from E.ON.

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The SmartSim method enables the exact determination of the calorific values (CV) and further gas quality properties at all exit points of the grid based on gas quality tracking. In this way, customers in supply areas with several natural gas or biogas injection points can be invoiced with the correct CV.

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The exact knowledge of physical properties of natural gases is important for many technical applications. This applies, for example, to the billing of delivered energy, the determination of CO2 emissions, the design of gas transport facilities or the optimization of gas appliances.

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Metrological services

The use of gas quality tracking systems according to ISO 15122 or DVGW technical code G685 requires a metrological validation at regular intervals. Especially in regional distribution grids, usually only a limited number of permanently installed process gas chromatographs are available, which could be used for comparison purposes. The acquisition and operation of such stationary systems is associated with high costs.

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Our team has a comprehensive expertise in gas technology and many years of experience in the energy industry. Our products, such as GasCalc and SmartSim, can add value in a wide variety of applications involving the gas grid or gas appliances.

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Natural gases of different origin may vary significantly in terms of their composition and hence their calorific value. The calorific value of biogas, which is increasingly fed into grids, is usually 5-10% lower than that of thenatural gas prevailing in the supply area.

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“Digitization” is a megatrend that impacts almost all areas of daily life. Handling both the opportunities and risks of digitization will pose a significant challenge for the future. Digitization can, for example, permanently alter – and in some cases even entirely replace – established processes and structures.

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