Highlights & Projects

In Colombia, the first gas quality tracking system on the American continent has been launched

A challenging project has now been successfully completed. SmartSim has been implemented for the grid of the Colombian transmission grid operator TGI, and the results were presented in various workshops in Bogotá. TGI is thus the first company on the American continent to deploy a gas quality tracking system.

TGI is one of the largest transmission grid operators in South America. The 4000 km gas grid extends from the Caribbean coast to the south of Colombia and is supplied by 12 different natural gas and LNG qualities. The variation in gas quality and the increasing dynamics in the grid pose ever-increasing challenges for TGI. In the future, renewable gases such as biogas or hydrogen are also planned to be injected into the grid. To ensure that customers can be billed in accordance with international standards, TGI decided in 2018 to implement a gas quality tracking system.

A key component of the project was the metrological validation, which was carried out based on uncertainty calculations as well as comparisons with reference measurements. On this basis, an assessment was commissioned to the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), the National Metrology Institute of Germany. The positive result confirms that the system complies with international standards ISO 15112 and OIML R140. The PTB report was presented to the President of TGI, Ms. Mónica Contreras, during an internal company event.

Presentation of PTB report to TGI’s president Mónica Contreras

In another workshop in Bogotá, the project was introduced to the CNO-Gas Committee, an association of Colombian network operators. The presentation was received with great interest, and there may be further applications for SmartSim in Colombia. The successful completion of the project is primarily due to the excellent collaboration with colleagues from TGI and our project partner, Polygon Energy SAS. Many thanks to the entire team and the warm welcome in Bogotá (August 2023).

“Live demo” of SmartSim at the “CNO-gas” committee in Bogotá
The project team: Juan Ortiz Afanador (Polygon S. A.), Peter Schley und Henning Markgraf (SmartSim), Oscar López González und John Velosa Chacón (TGI)