GasCalc calculates gas properties of natural gases, LNG and renewable gases

The exact knowledge of physical properties of natural gases is important for many technical applications. This applies, for example, to the billing of delivered energy, the determination of CO2 emissions, the design of gas transport facilities or the optimization of gas appliances.

GasCalc is a software tool for easy and prompt calculation of all key properties of natural gases, LNG, biogases or hydrogen. The program is based on complex, high-precision calculation methods and complies with international standards. It has therefore become the standard program for calculating natural gas properties. Users of GasCalc include energy suppliers, grid operators, engineering companies as well as metrological institutions or research institutes.

Precise calculations made easy

Due to the user-friendly interface, the program can be used intuitively. Thanks to its modular structure and flexible integration in Microsoft Excel, users can also tailor applications to their specific needs. Following installation, more than 100 functions are available under Excel and may be selected from a menu. Numerous application examples demonstrate how the program is used.

GasCalc Download

You can download the GasCalc software via the link below. The download as well as the installation of the demo version are initially free of charge. After receipt of your binding order, the version can then be activated by e-mail via a license file generated by us. We will be happy to submit an offer.