Our mission is to develop innovative solutions for tomorrow’s energy system

Our software tool SmartSim for gas quality tracking enables gas grid operators selective invoicing of customers when different gas qualities (natural gas, biogas, hydrogen) are injected into the grid. SmartSim is already used successfully by more than 20 gas network operators worldwide. The software GasCalc allows precise prediction of all relevant natural gas properties. We would be pleased to make our technical know-how available to you

SmartSim GmbH was founded 2018 as a spin-off from E.ON.


We are regularly looking for new team members who are open for technical challenges and want to work in an innovative environment. We also offer internships for students and supervise bachelor or master theses.

Therefore we appreciate your application!

Please send your application to:

SmartSim GmbH
Alfredstr. 81
45130 Essen

Cooperations and Memberships

The DVGW is the technical association for the gas and water sector in Germany. The SmartSim management is actively involved in various DVGW committees in order to keep the technical regulations up to date. 

For years, we have been contributing with our technical expertise in the field of energy measurement and thermodynamics to international standardization, where we are active in various working groups.

keep it green is our cooperation partner when it comes to the planning and construction of energy plants. In connection with injection of renewable gases like biogas or hydrogen, we have already been able to develop jointly the optimal solution for many grid operators.

The company caplog-x offers various services in the field of data management and measurement technology. We cooperate with caplog-x especially when it comes to the metrological validation of SmartSim.

Together with Ehrler Prüftechnik we have developed the GasPro, a new type of gas sample collector that allows easy and precise determination of gas quality at any point in the grid.

Through close cooperation with the Munich University of Applied Sciences, we bring theory and practice together. Jointly we continuously work on the further improvement of gas quality tracking and its validation. Here we colaborate very closely with the Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences and Mechatronics, Prof. Dr. Joachim Schenk.

Our close partnership with Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) has a long tradition. Together with the Chair of Thermodynamics, Prof. Dr. Roland Span, we carry out joint research projects and regularly supervise bachelor and master theses of students. Dr. Peter Schley is giving a guest lecture on gas measurement technology at RUB for many years.

Our Location

A pleasant and open working atmosphere is a basic requirement for creative work. At Workspace A81 in the heart of Essen Rüttenscheid we have found the environment in which we can develop our innovative products with passion.