Software allows different gas qualities to be injected into the grid

The SmartSim method enables the exact determination of the calorific values (CV) and further gas quality properties at all exit points of the grid based on gas quality tracking.

In this way, customers in supply areas with several natural gas or biogas injection points can be invoiced with the correct CV. The SmartSim method is in accordance with the international Standard ISO 15112 and with the German DVGW technical code G685 and is therefore recognized by national metrology institutes like e. g. the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB).

The method is already sucessfully used for billing by a large number of grid operators in Europe. In Germany alone, there are already more than 20 applications where other costly measures such as conditioning of the gases or installation of measurement devices could be avoided. An overview of the reference projects can be found here.

Benefits of gas quality tracking for network operators

  • Guarantee of correct energy billing when different gas qualities (natural gas, biogas, hydrogen) are injected into the grid.
  • Cost savings through avoidance of alternative measures (e.g. installation of measurement devices or CV adjustment through conditioning).
  • Precise knowledge of the gas quality distribution in the entire grid.
  • Support of customers with questions regarding relevant gas properties (e.g. Wobbe index, methane number, CO2 emission factor).

Our services:

  • SmartSim implementation project in cooperation with the grid operator. Usually this is done in 2 phases:
    Project phase 1: Prestudy/grid analysis
    Project phase 2: Validation and approval.
  • Technical support during regular operation.